Map My Match

Live track and announce your match score and stats as you play.

Remote Control

Phone / Tablet Scoreboard

Keep informed

Install your live scorboard on any iOS device and Apple Silicon MacBooks from the App Store.

Install your live scoareboard on any Android device, including Google TVs from the Play Store.

Use your Garmin or Wear OS smartwatch as a remote control to the scoreboard, and sport-specific exercise tracker.

You can also visit our web version of the app at to create a live scoreboard on any device that can display the website.

Supported Sports






Tie Break Tens

Ping Pong

... more forthcoming

Club Solutions

If you are running a club or event then MapMyMatch can be configured to run multiple devices showing the score on a particular court as well as a 'clubhouse' display that shows the live scores of all matches currently in progress. If you are interested, please contact us to help you configure your club or event with live digital scoreboards.

One Court - Many Scoreboards

Anyone logged in to MapMyMatch on the app can use their device as an 'ad-hoc' scoreboard to add extra displays that show the state of their current match.

Registered clubs can additionally install devices that any visiting player can use as a scoreboard for the match being tracked on their personal device.

Clubhouse / Summary Scoreboard

Registered clubs can show a summary view of the live scores of all, or some, of their court scoreboards.

Multiple Remotes per Scoreboard

Any MapMyMatch user can register multiple Flic 2 smartbuttons per device, so each player can contribute to tracking the score.